Duane Bousfield
American, b. 1960

Hovering somewhere between representation and abstraction, Duane Bousfield's carefully balanced compositions are a journey into mystic worlds of illusive figures.

Though years of examining how lines combine to create shapes and forms. Bousfield developed a highly personal style. Inspired by Kandinsky, deKooning, Boccioni, Bosch and Klee, his paintings weave foreground and background into interconnecting forms. Rhythmic lines, scraping, dry-brush, and layers of glazes emphasize the surface, while inside the picture plane implied figures act out their abstracted drama on a contained stage.

Raised in California, Bousfield grew up making art and graduated with a BA in Psychology from San Jose State University. He then continued studies in Art Therapy and Painting at UC San Francisco and UC Santa Cruz. He moved to NYC in 1995 where he lived and works today.

Artist Statement
My intention has always been to allow an image to draw itself. To find my personal imagery, I began sketching ballpoint pen lines into freeform 'Zygotes.' These soon separated into 'Vignettes' that filled out into 'Drawings.' As a nightwatchman at Apple Computer in the 80's & 90's I made 100's of drawings. Along with drawing all night, I painted during the day to clock my 10,000 hours toward developing a unique style. Thus pursuit continues to be my passion.

Like giving birth to dreams, I try to follow an image without interrupting its flow or interpreting its meaning. The titles suggest themselves during the creative process and are meant to be open-ended and evocative. Ultimately, my works are meant to be connections between myself and the viewer, as between composer and audience, or author and reader. My works often take a month to paint and are meant to be read like a book - as Paul Klee said, 'You need a chair to see a painting.'

Selected Collections:
Leslie-Lehmann Museum of Gay and Lesbian Art, NYC
Esalen Institute Big Sur, CA
Apple Computer Cupertino, CA
Adrian Driggs New York, NY
Marshall Rousseau St. Petersburg, FL
Murray Rosenthal Paris, France
Dr. Harry Lefakis Thessaloniki, Greece
Dr. Robert Simon London, GB
Dr. Pedro Gonzalez Santiago, Chile

Artist in Residence:
May1994 Esalen Institue, Big Sur, CA